The team at Comfy Creatures understands that trusting someone with your dog and your home can be stressful. Our services and processes have been established with both of you in mind. In everything we do, our goal is to provide the best care for your pooch and a pleasant, stress-free experience for both of you.

The service provided will be customized, to meet the needs of your pup and per your instructions. You will have a primary sitter, whom you will meet prior to service. We will come to your home and spend some time with you and your pup, learn about the care and services you desire, and answer all of your questions. At all times, you will have our complete dedication and devotion, and we are readily available and accessible.

It is important that you know that Comfy Creatures is a team, because this means you will not be without a pet care provider. If you request service and your primary sitter happens to be unavailable (team members are encouraged to take some time off, too), another loving sitter will provide back-up. The team has been arranged such that every sitter has a back-up, so in the instance of illness, severe weather or some other unexpected occurrence, your pet's scheduled visit will be accommodated by another team member. With Comfy Creatures, you will never be without professional, loving pet care.

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This visit is designed to meet the daily emotional and physical needs of our canine pals. Created for people who need to be away from home for 6 or more hours, this visit provides dogs with a much-needed break midway through that period of time. Young dogs and active breeds especially need more physical activity, which can be difficult to provide when you work long days, have children or other obligations that also need you. This visit is a great option for busy dog owners because we come to you; there is no additional driving for you, and no drop-off or pick-up times to worry about. Visits are customized to the age, needs, & preferences of your dog(s). A typical visit would include potty time, walk, play time, training games, paw wipe, water refresh, treat, and a text update to let you know all is well. The visit routine will be personalized to your specifications and your dogs needs.

Puppies are a lot of fun - and a lot of responsibility. Puppies need breaks on a regular basis to ensure success in potty training. A young puppy needs a break every 4 hours (and 20 minutes after meals). We know it can be overwhelming to dash home several times during the workday to let a puppy out, and that's why we created this visit. And, because you might need the visit twice a day, depending on your schedule, we've lowered the fee to help with the expense.

Working with young dogs and their humans is one of the most rewarding aspects of our service. With Comfy Creatures, you can stop worrying and stop feeling guilty. Our Puppy Care Visit is the best way to fast track your puppy to potty training success!

Our Potty Break Visit is a short visit but still a quality visit, and is a great option to give your dog the regular yard time and interaction needed while you are at work. This break will help prevent unwanted behaviors and curb bad habits from forming, plus it saves you from the potential damage from accidents & the hassle of clean-up. For older dogs that can no longer go as long without relief, some clients schedule 2 Potty Break Visits to see their pooch through a long day.

Many clients start with 2 visits per day for the first few weeks to ensure quick, successful potty training. We also offer proven and effective training material based on positive reinforcement methods, free for our clients. We can provide tips on setting up a safe and secure puppy environment, and suggest best practices for new dog owners. We will use and reinforce your training techniques and cues so your puppy is never confused. Comfy Creatures also has a certified dog trainer on the team, and we can schedule a personal consultation if there are specific training goals you need help with. Time is of the essence with puppies – everything is a learning experience, good or bad! Contact us now to get your puppy off to the right start.

Will you be gone longer than usual? Do you have a high energy dog? We provide additional pet enrichment, exercise, and training activities to extend the pet care visit. Our Stay ‘n Play & Hike ‘n Play include more exercise and/or additional activities, great for young and active pets, and our Train 'n Play, performed by a certified trainer, incorporates visit needs in addition to training exercises.

Dog Day Care Visit:

You pick the time frame. Includes potty time, exercise walk, play session or training games, paw wipe, treat, water refresh, and a text update for you. Just $20 per visit (+$2 per additional dog; extends visit)

Potty Break Visit:

Yard time, poop scoop, paw wipe, water refresh, treat in Kong or as instructed, and a text update. $16 (+$1 per additional dog; extends visit)

Puppy Care Visits:

Visits for puppies include a potty break, meal (as directed), water refresh, training reinforcement & play, another potty break, paw wipe, treat in a Kong toy, and a text update for Mom and Dad. Only $19.

Stay-n-Play Visit:

In addition to the service outlined in the Dog Day Care Visit, we stay for an extra long play and cuddle session. A great option to utilize when you are gone longer than usual. $25 (+$2 per additional dog; extends visit)

Hike-N-Play Visit:

In addition to the service outlined in the Dog Day Care Visit, we take your pup(s) for an extra long exercise walk. Perfect for young dogs and energetic breeds. $26 (+$2 per additional dog; extends visit)

Train-N-Play Visit:

In addition to the service outlined in the Dog Day Care Visit, we will provide professional training sessions, performed by a certified dog trainer. Training goals & agenda will be prearranged with you. $28"

Give your pet(s) the best care, when you're not there. Contact us at 1-888-2Petsit for unrivaled love, companionship and dedication.


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